格安SALEスタート! BMW純正パニア用インナーバッグ(左) TOURATECH ツアラテック 22L R1200RT(2014-) BMW-その他

【2019新作】Z-DRAGON 74080 (EL) [空調服フルセット4時間対応] 長袖ブルゾン【ブラックファン】自重堂☆SALEセール

格安SALEスタート! BMW純正パニア用インナーバッグ(左) TOURATECH ツアラテック 22L R1200RT(2014-) BMW-その他

BMW純正パニア用インナーバッグ(左) 22L BMW R1200RT(2014-)



Who wants to lug the heavy, unwieldy panniers of his R1200RT into his bedroom for packing or check into the B&B or hotel room with two two dirty dismantled panniers?

And possibly scratch the perfect paintwork on the pannier sides, or even damage expensive furinture at home?

The inner bags for the BMW panniers offer the perfect solution! The high quality inner bags, made in Germany,

can be used for convenient packing at home and one can be sure that everything that fits into the bags will also fit into the bike’s panniers.

The zip on the side can be opened completely and makes packing extremely easy, and an additional pocket maintains order inside,

a zipper bag on the outside offers space for documents or road maps and a 2 litre outer bag with zip makes maximum use of the storage space available in the BMW pannier.

Even when the bag is placed in the pannier, a second zip allows easy access to the entire contents

- there is no need to remove the bag from the pannier. As the bag is not fitted with rigid, bulky reinforcements it allows highly compact, space-saving storage when not in use.

- The material that we use is not plain nylon - it is certified Cordura fabric, made in Germany, as also used for protective motorcycle clothing and expedition equipment

- Sturdy body and top made from high-quality, water-resistant and abrasion-resistant 1100 dtex Cordura

- Waterproof coating on inside of fabric

- Fluorocarbon impregnation and Teflon coating by DuPont using nanotechnology for protection against moisture, dirt, oil and fading

- Washable and easy to clean

- All luggage systems are carefully hand-crafted in Germany

- The fabric used has been tested for harmful substances and certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100

- Strong, ergonomic carry handle for practical transportation away from the bike

- Made for extreme loads and built to last

- Perfect fit

- Low-weight bag with high carrying capacity and large usable volume

- Large main compartment without extra subdivisions provides maximum space for individual loading

- Appealing, exclusive blend of materials with a refreshing design

- To ensure volume measurements are fair and accurate, they are taken in use with the bag fitted to the bike

- they are not the result of estimates or rough calculations as is often the case.

What’s included:

Please note: Use paint protection film if necessary!

Size: (L x W x H) approx. 47 x 25 x 30 cm

Volume: approx. 22 litres

Colour: black



ウイルズウィン リード125 リード125(JF45)用 32φタンデムバー エレガントタイプ
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格安SALEスタート! BMW純正パニア用インナーバッグ(左) TOURATECH ツアラテック 22L R1200RT(2014-) BMW-その他

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格安SALEスタート! BMW純正パニア用インナーバッグ(左) TOURATECH ツアラテック 22L R1200RT(2014-) BMW-その他

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